Between a Fund and a Hard Place: Haitian Health Care Professionals and International Humanitarian Aid.

February 28, 2012
Interviews with hospital and clinic employees reveal ambivalent attitudes toward international aid, as well as contradictory pressures related to professional development and emigration. These findings will be discussed in the context of the January 2010 earthquake and its impacts on the Haitian...

UC Medical Consortium Book Series Presented!

December 08, 2011
The aim of the Perspectives in Medical Humanities series is to bring together the visions and analytic approaches from scholars across the ‘two cultures’ divide to demonstrate how multiple perspectives on biomedical issues enhance our overall understanding of social, cultural and humanistic...

Strokes and return to everyday life. Culpeper seminar by Michael Andersen.

December 08, 2011
On Wednesday Dec 7th, Michael Andersen, PhD Candidate, Center for Healthy Ageing, University of Copenhagen, and UCSF DAHSM Visiting Scholar, is giving a seminar on his PhD topic: "Strokes and return to everyday life".

Polgar Prize for best Medical Anthropology 2010 article goes to Judith Barker!

December 05, 2011
The award was given for Dr. Barker's article "Stigmatized Biologies: Examining the Cumulative Effects of Oral Health Disparities for Mexican American Farmworker Children", and was announced at the SMA public meeting on Friday, November 19, in Montreal. The article by Barker and Horton examines the...

Book party for the new 2011 authors of the UC Medical Humanities Series!

December 01, 2011
You are invited to the book party to celebrate campus authors who published with the new UC Medical Humanities Book Series in 2011.