Our Work

The scholars—both faculty and students—in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences are continuously contributing to the understanding of the intersection between healthy life and its contexts. Here, we present select contributions of this work.

Anti-Racism & Diversity

Anti-Racism and Diversity

The intersections of race and medicine are both well documented in the history and readily apparent in contemporary data. Our scholars contribute to efforts to understand these links and work to establishing effective, anti-racist policies and practices to address persistent health and healthcare disparities.


Covid-19 Research and Publications

The COVID-19 pandemic has served as a catalyst for the examination of public health practices and highlighted the ways in which disease is not an isolated issue but rather one interconnected with other issues that need to be considered holistically if solutions are to be found. 

Research Profiles

Research Profiles

Here, we provide more information about the range of faculty and student research projects and highlight the important work being done in the Department of Humanities & Social Sciences.