Imaging Truth: Negotiating Expertise and Trust in Radiology

April 23, 2012
Allison Tillack, PhD Candidate of the joint UC Berkeley and UCSF Medical Anthropology Program, will defend tomorrow her PhD dissertation with a talk focused on exploring some of the unexpected consequences of the widespread adoption of PACS (picture archiving and communication systems), a...

Making Sense of Kony: Critical information on the conflict in Northern Uganda.

April 22, 2012
In the storm that has erupted over Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 campaign, one conclusion that people on all sides of the controversy tend to agree upon is the deep, even desperate, need for more information about the conflict in northern Uganda. In an effort to respond to this demand, a group of...

UCSF Chancellor Susan Desmond-Hellmann, MD, MPH, Delivers First “Last Lecture”

April 19, 2012
Chancellor Susan Desmond-Hellmann delivered the University’s inaugural “Last Lecture” today in Cole Hall Auditorium, responding to the speakers’ prompt: “If You Had But One Lecture to Give, What Would You Say?" Hundreds of students voted to hear the Chancellor’s hour-long talk, which coincided with...

'The Healing Art of Writing' conference and workshop

April 19, 2012
"The Healing Art of Writing" Conference and workshop is a unique opportunity for writers and poets in the healing professions and for patients to creatively express their experiences. There are now a limited number of scholarships available for UCSF students and faculty to attend the conference...

Focus on: the unique history of homeopathic medicine in Mexico

April 18, 2012
Homeopathic medicine has had an intriguing and unique history in Mexico. While in many countries homeopathy and conventional or allopathic medicine have uncomfortably co-existed, during the first decades of the 20th century, Mexico's Escuela Nacional de Medicine Homeopatica (ENHM) was incorporated...

'Superstitions in Medicine' mural by Bernard Zakheim at UCSF Parnassus.

April 13, 2012
he panel is one of two sets of frescoes at UCSF Parnassus campus, for a total of twelve panels, the other being the Toland Hall frescoes (and the header picture of this blog) which depict early California medical history in ten consecutive panels. The murals were painted in 1938 by artist Bernard...

Living and Dying in HIV-land: Political violence, health care, and experiences of HIV-positive Papuan women

April 12, 2012
Since 2001, once-remote communities in the Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Papua have been drawn into aggressive development. Decentralization at the national level has allowed local leaders to put in motion new networks and linkages aimed at affirming the place of Papuan communities within...

Plague, Fear, and Politics in San Francisco's Chinatown

April 10, 2012
A physician and historian, Guenter B.

Biologizing Addiction: Ethnic Marketing, Pharmaceuticals, and Stratified Systems of Care.

April 08, 2012
Helena Hansen, Assistant Professor of Anthropology & Psychiatry at New York University, will give a talk on the biologicization of addiction next Wednesday, April 11, at 3:30 pm. Helena Hansen earned an MD and a Ph.D.

Straightening up the records: history not only taught, but required at UCSF.

April 05, 2012
The story continues! After our post yesterday on this blog on the necessary correction to Rick Santorum's statement that UC campuses, including UCSF, do not teach American history, an official press release just came out today with additional clarifications.