Article - Legislating Medicare Fraud by Brian Dolan PhD/Chair of HumSci

By Brian Dolan on September 06, 2022
New article in @CUP_PoliSci Journal of Policy History by HumSci Chair Brian Dolan on the structural problems that undermine attempts to control Medicare fraud, leading to $billions in theft.

PHR Graduate Research Assistant | OCPD Opportunities and Job Board

August 29, 2022

When Is Research Racist? A REPAIR UCSF Workshop

July 14, 2022
When Is Research Racist? A REPAIR UCSF Workshop from Brian Dolan on Vimeo.

Carlos Martinez, PhD, joins UC Santa Cruz

May 26, 2022
Carlos Martinez, PhD, will be joining the Latin American & Latino Studies Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) as an assistant professor of

Antoine S. Johnson, PhD, Accepts Johns Hopkins Postdoctoral Fellowship

May 23, 2022
Dr. Antoine Johnson--a recent graduate of UCSF's history of health sciences program--has accepted a postdoctoral fellowship in the history of medicine and medical humanities at the distinguished Johns Hopkins University in the Department of the History of Medicine and the Center for Medical...

New Publication by Galen Joseph, "Integration of stakeholder engagement from development to dissemination in genomic medicine research: Approaches and outcomes from the CSER Consortium"

By Galen Joseph on March 03, 2022
Important new publication by HumSci faculty Galen Joseph (@GalenJoseph1) and team on forging collaborations with and diversifying patient/community stakeholders in genomic research.  

Kelly Knight, PhD, and colleagues published in the Journal of Social Distress and Homelessness

By Kelly Knight on February 08, 2022
Barriers and facilitators to resolving older adult homelessness through stays with family: qualitative findings from the HOPE HOME study

Science and Socialism in Cuba

By Naomi Schoenfeld on January 11, 2022
Please check out this very interesting podcast from Cal's Matrix with Clare Ibarra (PhD Candidate in History at Berkeley) and Naomi Schoenfeld, PhD (recent graduate of the UCSF-UCB Medical anthropology program) who study socialist science/medicine in Cuba.

Border Hacker by Levi Vonk

December 03, 2021
Congratulations to med anthro graduate Levi Vonk (@VonkLevi) for his recent Fulbright-DDRA grant and his first book Border Hacker, following the journey of an undocumented migrant hacker, to be published in 2022 by @BoldTypeBooks! .